Apartment in Mantua’s Ducal Palace
The beauty and quality of our living space includes many points of view

Everything started with the question: if the Gonzaga with their excellent creative and artistic taste were still alive, what homes would they create now, what kind of kitchen would they use, and what would their bathrooms look like … ?

“Mantova creativa” with architect Giampaolo Benedini have come up with some ideas – the best of contemporary design in the outstanding setting of the Appartamento dell’Estivale in Mantua’s Ducal Palace, which opens out onto the magnificent Simples Garden.

Over the centuries the Gonzaga’s love for their home and for the decoration of its interiors led to the creation of what is almost always a livable space, despite the Ducal Palace being one of the largest palazzi in the world. Its monumentality is due not to its height, impressive as it is, but to its beauty; a beauty expressed by the infinite variety of the architecture and the range of different perspectives constantly opening up before us.

Turn a corner and a new world confronts us, an unexpected decor, or a new and completely different story. It is a taste almost always determined by a desire for posterity and a better tomorrow; a clear sign of constant human development and belief, driven by mankind’s need to forge ahead to the future without hiding the past.

It is not simply about showing off but bringing together a range of different qualities in a way that has a highly contemporary feel.

The beauty and quality of our living space does not come from one perspective alone, but includes many points of view. By putting these back into circulation using contemporary taste and sensibility “Abitare Gonzaga” links past and present.

Mankind is defined by his culture and culture defines his lifestyle and its qualities. The message is clear: “Abitare Gonzaga” means a continuing search for quality and the best, and the ‘best’, as we know, is the lifelong enemy of its lesser rival, the ‘good’.

Amini Rugs contributed several carpets which were essential to complete the space.

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