Magistretti 03 01
Warm wood and timeless elegance combined

Designed by Vico Magistretti in 2003, the Magistretti 03 01 chair combines the warmth of wood and the timeless elegance.

Flawlessly embodying the design language of Wiener GTV Design through the refined style of the great master, the Magistretti 03 01 chair was created by one of the leading figures in architecture and contemporary design, and one of the founding fathers of the made in Italy design.

From a design loosely inspired by traditional Chinese chairs, it is characterised by the clean-cut appeal of its shape, a hallmark of Magistretti’s work. The structure is made of solid beech wood with round section curved elements in the armrest and backrest areas. The seat is made from a single piece of curved laminated beech.

Wiener GTV Design selects only the best of international design, timeless works that remain in the memory and hearts of every fan of the design. Magistretti is a so-called prophet of Italian Design, a phenomenon that could be verified only through the meeting of two essential components: the architects and manufacturers.

Winner of numerous awards “Golden Compass”, the last dedicated to their career, Vico Magistretti, makes this chair in beech wood that produces Wiener GTV Design since 2003. The curved elements of round section supporting the backrest/seat that folds naturally, into a soft curve to ensure maximum comfort.

What Our Interior Design Experts Think

Q: Why would you select this product?

“It is an iconic chair, that embodies Magistretti style in all its simplicity.”

“I would select it because it is sinuous and modern.”


Q: What do you like most about this product?

“I love the balance between the minimal and clean design and the warmth given by the bent beech wood. I also like the fact that the seat is made by a single piece of wood.”

“The shape of the back and harmonic design of the arms.”

“I like that shape of the seat (it reminds me of the back a woman’s dress).”

Q: What kind of atmosphere would the product create/contribute to?

“It would definitely bring harmony and elegance to any environment.”

“Perfect for any hospitality. Fits many atmospheres including bohemian, Asian, Danish modern, modern, eclectic, transitional, trasitional, contemporary, minimal.”

“A very contemporary and clean atmosphere.”

Q: Who/what kind of person would want to own this piece?

“Perfect for restaurants with a modern/Scandinavia feeling, for anyone who knows and likes history of design.”

“Any contract, and for residential dining or extra seating.”

“A young modern person, a design lover.”