Jim Chair
Chairs christened after Francois Truffaut's iconic film "Jules & Jim"

Christened after the famous French movie by Francois Truffaut, Jules & Jim are two easy chairs that combine comfort and chic.

While slightly different in size (another nod the iconic cinema romance) the chairs feature intersecting rounds, which make them incredibly comfortable and accommodating.

Representing the kind of defining modern Italian style Arflex are known for, Claesson Koivisto Rune’s chairs bridge adaptability with edge. With the kind of precise architecture details and somewhat whimsical silhouette, the chairs suit many different architectural contexts where more traditional square seating typologies are less desirable. Like the film itself, Claesson’s chairs are a bona fide classic, with legs made in wood and metal, making the pieces easy to customize in myriad finishes.

What Our Interior Design Experts Think

Q: Why would you select this product?

“It is a good combination of comfort and chic. This armchair fits different architectural contexts. The versatility of this piece is also related to the possibility to play with a wide range of finishes for the structure.”

“I would select it because it has a cozy yet stunning design.”

“Comfort, compact size, transitional design.”

Q: What do you like most about this product?

“Its design. It is modern with a touch of vintage. It is absolutely comfortable and stylish. I love the fact that the legs ca be made of metal with wood profiles. I like the contrast between the coldness and warmth of these materials. It is a little detail that makes this piece even more unique.”

“It’s small scale and clean, yet it has organic lines. It would also be easy to pair with any sofa.”

“Comfort, compact size, transitional design.”

Q: What kind of atmosphere would the product create/contribute to?

You can create any kind of atmosphere by playing with the upholstery options and finishes: all leather for a formal and austere environment; two different colors for the backrest and seat cushions for a playful atmosphere. Velvet fabric and gold legs for an elegant and chic setting. Light wood structure and light linen upholstery for a Northern “homey” feeling.

These chairs create a cozy and warm environment.”

Q: Who/what kind of person would want to own this piece?

Anybody who is passionate about design but does not want to compromise on comfort.

Detail oriented yet design conscious.

Romantic and intellectual individual.

Q: Where do you see this chair being used?

“This chair is perfect for all markets: hotel, hospitality, residential & office. It is easy and adorable, a great size and comfortable. The upholstery options are limitless and the style is transitional.”