Jumbo Collection news - Salone 2018

Oriental suggestions and naturalistic inspirations meet in the scenographic and sophisticated collection of this year. A direct reference to the Far East, a world that is source of inspiration in the formal design, made of clean, elegant and essential lines, broken only by the discreet presence of oriental decorations, such as stylized bamboo, herons and peach blossoms. Experimentation on shapes and materials is expressed in the innovative use of Chinese lacquer reinterpreted on contemporary shapes and in the introduction of special automatic mechanisms in some furniture.

New and Notable Pieces Include: 

Tokyo sofa

Experimentation on shapes and materials can be found also in the large central living room, a clear and luminous setting that enhances the contemporary appeal of the large modular sofa TOKYO, a versatile piece of furniture, completely customizable, with movable backrests that allow to use it as an island in the middle of the room and with an automatism that allows to pull a bar unit out. Still inside the main living room, the exotic fascinations express their full potential in the grove with impressive bronze herons over two meters high.

Tokyo Sofa by Jumbo Collection

Shinto line

The zen mood can be also found in the SHINTO line: tables, sideboards and consoles with sculptural forms in which the rough base made of brass castings contrasts with the shine of the upper component in grey onyx, enriched with decorations related to the theme of bamboo. Furniture characterized by essential lines, precious materials, refined silks and modern fabrics in a grey and platinum colour palette are the main features of other exhibition areas.

JC_Shinto_Chest of drawers_1
Shinto Chest of drawers by Jumbo Collection

Fuji dining table

Particularly outstanding, the innovative use of Chinese lacquer reinterpreted on contemporary shapes, the introduction of special automatic mechanisms in some furniture, like the rotating Lazy Suzan in the big dining table FUJI with engraved glass base, where the symbols of the oriental tradition are depicted, such as bamboo, herons and peach blossoms.

Fuji Dining Table, Jumbo Collection
Fuji Dining Table, Jumbo Collection

Seeds of Time designed by Kyoji Nagatani

Fragments of a secret reality, primordial “seeds” with unexpressed potentiality, messages whispered in the indecipherable depth of space. There is a soft breath of time behind Kyoji Nagatani’s works, a presence of the past that constantly interrogates the observer.

As in the artistic installation “The Dream Stones”, located at the entrance of Jumbo Collection’s exhibition space, where oval shapes suspended like meteorites along a vertical line offer the magic of a casual and mysterious movement, welcoming the visitor in a cosmic dimension in which the emotional state of the observer becomes an integral part of the work.

In a climate of poetry and expectation, minimalism and philosophy, the artist’s message is expressed in all its power in the enigmatic sculptures in which bronze is transformed, “Seeds of time” that take the heat from the earth and mutate it until to arrive at a total weightlessness, a sense of absolute lightness. Hidden in a polished, clear and sensual outer shell, the references to the reality evoked by Nagatani, with its silences and depths of space and time, are kept in the tormented lap of sculpture, in the raw material inside the moulded body.

In an evocative universe in which East and West coexist, Kyoji Nagatani’s works blend Japanese sensibility and Italian creativity, going beyond any cultural classification, in a vision in which extreme and incessant research becomes the predominant element.

Kyoji Nagatani Seeds of time by Jumbo Collection
Kyoji Nagatani Seeds of time by Jumbo Collection