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The charm of an understated, timeless elegance for the latest news by Wiener GTV Design

Wiener GTV Design enriched its collection with the many new products presented at the Salone del Mobile 2018, boasting new and creative interpretations, reconfirming the company’s dedication to design research. Marking the passage from artisanal workmanship to industrial production, this new and fascinating chapter provides the brand’s history with a contemporary touch.

The latest designs by Wiener GTV Design are the results of collaborations with some of the most sought-after international talents within the design scene, and each designer carried out a personal reinterpretation of one of the brand’s most iconic pieces.

Wiener GTV Design Salone 2018
Wiener GTV Design Salone 2018

This year, the brands meticulous research finds its full expression in the projects proposed by Cristina Celestino and Chiara Andreatti, who designed the CARYLLON tables and the LOÏE lounge chair, respectively. A story of feminine grace using two distinctively different design approaches that give life to fascinating reinterpretations of the brand’s consolidated manufacturing culture, where the wood-curving techniques, Wiener GTV Design signature element, remain the key protagonist.

Moreover, the ongoing collaborations with the Italo-Danish duo GamFratesi resulted in a new modular sofa for the iconic TARGA upholstery collection; Philippe Nigro designed the new PROMENADE lounge chair and the Promenade High-Size installation for the FuoriSalone exhibition, and the Argentinian designer Cristian Mohaded has created the new WIENER BOX collection of tables.

 New and Notable Pieces Include: 

CARYLLON collection designed by Cristina Celestino

Marked retro flavour for CARYLLON, the new collection of tables designed by Cristina Celestino, an emerging talent on the Italian design scene, meticulous architect and designer with a strong creative flair, whose work is marked by an understated elegance. The name is evocative: Cristina Celestino creates a series of tables with inlaid table tops in different types of wood, reinterpreting the aesthetic of those enchanting, little boxes of wonder, which were often loved by the wealthier classes more for the element of surprise and precious inlaid work and decorations than for the fidelity of their sound.

The leitmotiv of the collection is the structure in square sections of wood, which creates a harmonious contrast with the ornate tops inspired by straw marquetry, a sophisticated artisanal inlaid technique created using strips of tinted straw in typical Art Deco hues. Classic decor that makes way for meticulous geometrical patterns, created using traditional cabinetmaking techniques, that are repeated across each module in a surprising colour palette.

CARYLLON DINING TABLE design Cristina Celestino
CARYLLON DINING TABLE design Cristina Celestino

Indeed, CARYLLON adds a contemporary twist to the expressive power of intarsia, emphasising the perfect alchemy between Wiener GTV Design manufacturing precision and a careful study of materials, which is also a predominant trait of Cristina Celestino’s design language. The project has also a strong connection to the centennial history of Wiener GTV Design, whose founder was the cabinetmaker Michael Thonet.

The harmonious union of polychrome proportions and the intense colour palette of the inlaid table tops blending perfectly with the solid, lacquered wood together with the unique outline of the base are another key feature of the collection stated in the rectangular dining table, in the original flower-shaped low table, which comes in two different heights.

CARYLLON collection designed by Cristina Celestino for GTV

LOÏE lounge chair designed by Chiara Andreatti

Another debut collaboration is the one with Chiara Andreatti, a young and talented designer who expresses a different facet of feminine creativity. With her balanced style and passion for superior craftsmanship, the designer has created LOÏE, a lounge chair with gentle curves that unites comfort with refinement. An elegant exercise in manufacturing techniques, the design is the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity, highlighted by a harmonious combination of materials, like wood, woven cane and metal. A distinctive element is the enveloping back with an oval frame in steam-curved, pressed solid ash, with sophisticated double-spoke accents in a walnut tint or opaque black varnish with a natural grain finish.  To underline Wiener GTV Design's painstaking attention to design and tradition even further are the crossed fabric straps on the upholstered seat, which is imbedded into the glossy black, powder-coated metallic structure.

LOÏE lounge chair designed by Chiara Andreatti for GTV

PROMENADE lounge chair designed by Philippe Nigro

Another new design is the PROMENADE lounge chair by Philippe Nigro, which has been specifically designed as either a unique piece or as a complement to the PROMENADE sofa collection that was presented last year. With its powerful decorative language, the piece is inspired by minimalism and the attention to detail of the Viennese Secession movement of the last century. Based on a technique that consists of combining square cross-sections of wood, a technique used for the first time in 1906 on the ‘Postsparkasse’ building, Philippe Nigro has created an open, Canaletto walnut structure for the roomy and comfy seat. Finished in fabric-covered panels, the design works particularly well as a living room centrepiece, also thanks to the possibility of being able to use woven cane on the upper part of the chair, a detail that adds further emphasis to the back and sides of both the lounge chair and the sofa, defining a new concept in softness for refined living spaces. 

WIENER BOX coffee tables designed by Cristian Mohaded

Woven cane, Wiener GTV Design's signature feature, fuses harmoniously with wood and metal, becoming a characteristic element of the WIENER BOX coffee tables by Cristian Mohaded. A furniture proposal with an austere design, inspired by the pure and essential lines of the light metal structure, creating a sort of suspended box offset by Vienna straw side panels set in a wooden frame as the lacquered tops. WIENER BOX is available in a cubic and rectangular version.

WIENER BOX coffee tables designed by Cristian Mohaded for GTV

TARGA Modular Sofa

Finally, the iconic and extensive TARGA collection – the first generation of upholstered designs proposed by Wiener GTV Design in 2015, nowadays one of the brand’s best-selling range – has been further enriched with a new modular sofa, which also comes in a corner version: beside the corner unit, three one-metre long elements - central, right and left - to satisfy every interior design need. The perfect solution for both public and domestic premises that require a more unconventional, intimate and cosy atmosphere. This time also, all the traditional elements of the brand have been brought together, like the curved beechwood structure that supports the large seat cushions and the upholstered back, offset by a caned border with an ellipsoidal element, which is the inspiration for the name of the project.

TARGA Modular Sofa designed by Gam Fratesi for GTV