Fiam believes that, in present-time, the value of raw “noble” materials, has been mistreated too many times. This has happened also to glass: it has been “distorted” to look like marble, wood, ceramic or fabric and in this way, plain imitations were created useful only to create “fictions”. Fiam was born and raised adding value and prestige to this noble material.

At the Salone del Mobile 2018, Fiam presented glass entering a new era: it goes together with men’s life but also it transforms with elegance and prestige the interior design of our homes.

New and Notable Pieces Include: 

Pinch mirror designed by Lanzavecchia + Wai

Collection of free-standing or hanging mirrors with metal burnished brass finish frame. 5 mm thick flat mirror. Pinch is a surreal family composed by four mirrors that are “escaping” from their own frames. In this project the rigid crystal seems changing consistency, almost magically. It’s a hanging image: the bolts are pinching the mirror as earrings would and they restrain it creating an effect of unexpected movement and elastic tension. In their essentiality, the four Pinch mirrors are extremely expressive as well as suitable for any kind of environment. This is possible thanks to their different shapes, able to create fascinating compositions and graphic effects.

Waves Collection designed by Ludovica +Roberto Palomba

Waves, created with a new kind of glass, is a collection of tables and coffee tables which has never been so perceptible and so emotional. The vision of the various glassy surfaces changes according to the perspective from which the object is observed. The production process was created by Fiam and it uses a lamellar glass which is heated to high temperatures allowing to create a product which material loses completely its coldness.

Hype table designed by Studio Klass

Hype table perfectly reflects our way of working, which very often, starting from geometric references is extended to a careful formal research. The top, entirely made with melted glass, is created with handcrafted technique, where human contribution is fundamental and part of the project itself. The top turns into a material surface, alive and sometimes intentionally imperfect.  In opposition the base, is wholly realized in curved iron, through the numerical control method the structure’s design is inspired by the graphic lines of the equilateral hyperbola: a geometry both dynamic and rigorous in a contrast that perfectly match with the top...

Magma table designed by Patrick Jouin

Coffee table with 12 mm fused and tempered glass top, available in Smoke grey, Blue, Amber or Natural satin finish. Solid wood structure available in natural Oak or grey finish. Magma collection is the result of joint research into technologies for firing and cutting glass, almost seems to soften the material. Held on a natural or smoked oak base structure, the coffee table top is made of a sheet of fused glass, fired twice in a mould. During firing, the natural texture of the mould marks the glass, producing an interesting graphic effect. Although its production remains industrial, the Magma coffee table makes virtue of its imperfections. The technique developed by Patrick Jouin and mastered by FIAM enables the production of one-off pieces using industrial technology.

FIAM, Magma small table, design by Patrick Jouin
FIAM, Magma small table, design by Patrick Jouin

Pixel table designed by Vittorio Livi

Coffee table with Multicolour glass top and opaque titanium finish metal base. Realizing a multi-coloured glass plate has always been a goal largely pursued by glassmakers. When we think about this material, it is pictured as cold, neutral, minimal, almost non-existent. “Multicolour” denies this deeply-rooted axiom, opening great and new paths for the future of this material, conferring it traits of warmth, elegance and « perceptible » design which had never even been considered as possible characteristics of glass.

I designed these “wanderers” coffee tables, “nomads” inside the house, adorning them with “precious stones”, leaving the base purposely neutral, in order to draw attention on the upper part and to emphasize its sentimental and symbolic value. For this first collection of multi-coloured coffee tables I have chosen the name “PIXEL”, for their square shape and for their wide colour range, which allows them to be the protagonists in a warm and refined environment.

Magique Cubo designed by Studio Klass

Bedside table with cubic inner compartment in 10-mm thick welded glass. Available in various finishes. Magique Cubo has been thought a san extension of the Magique collection in order to offer a compact and versatile alternative, suitable for any kind of environment. The restrained dimensions, make it ideal as a coffee or as a side table.

Plana cupboard designed by Studio Klass

Cupboard with “Lava Grey” lacquered wood structure, doors in 6 mm curved and etched extra light glass, back-lacquered with special finish, textured effect. Top in 10 mm back-lacquered extra light glass. The idea for Piana was to use the curved glass technology to get a moderate product, not intrusive in the space. The curved glass was projected to place the doors’ hinge in the lateral area of the cupboard, so that the front side, the most visible part, remains unchanged. Plana was designed in two versions, with three and four doors. In both solutions the lateral doors are in curved glass, while the central ones are in flat glass.

Lloyd designed by Studio Klass

Chair with solid wood structure, available in oak tobacco, or in open pore glossy black painted finishes. Seat and backrest are leather-upholstered. Lloyd experiments the hybrid seat typology, which is half armchair and half chair, so well conforming to the various home and office’s necessities. The idea was to work on an armchair but with the elements of a simple chair, where the backrest is often separated from the lumbar area. The junction between the seat and the backrest, realized in solid wood as the legs are, becomes at the same time a technical and distinctive component. Thanks to this aspect the armchair obtains comfort, personality and character.

Magma chair designed by Patrick Jouin

Chair with solid wood structure, available in natural or grey finish. Seat and backrest are leather-upholstered. Completing the range, Patrick Jouin has designed the MAGMA chair, displaying all the characteristics of the collection. The leather covering of the seat and inside of the backrest ensure comfort and a tactile sensation that reflects the remarkable softness found in the fused glass of the table-top. From a structural point of view, table and chair share the same natural oak legs finish. Finally, the line of the backrest echoes the form of the table top in its gentle curves and contours, a signature line.