Etro Home Interiors news - Salone 2018

Nomadic spirit and air of travel for the new Etro Home Interiors Collection. Natural continuation of Etro Fashion, it perfectly embodies the refinement, creativity and vibrant sense of colour which has always characterized the brand. Declined in four different narrations expressing the eclecticism of the brand, the collection is distinguished by furniture with elegant and linear designs, while the upholstery boasts highly prized fabrics featuring Etro’s already iconic designs.

New and Notable Pieces Include: 

CARAL sofa

In perfect balance between linearity and movement, classicism and modernity, the Caral sofa boasts an elegant, comfortable and dynamic design. Available in different versions, it features the use of paisley, the Maison’s iconic motif, combined with the refinement of the caned backrest in an intense cherry red colour. The nomadic spirit and the travel suggestions of the collection are enhanced by the presence of cushions made with processed leathers that recall different ethnic styles, creating a comfortable and refined corner in perfect Etro Home Interiors’ style.

FONDA bookcase

A bookcase with a strong decorative appeal, worthy of a starring role in any living space. The aesthetic structure is the result of a game of colours and contrasts: the regular and austere grid is livened up thanks to the alternation of natural Vienna straw patterns and graphic prints typical of the Maison. The skilful use of materials lends the library a unique and captivating design.


A sofa with a welcoming and comfortable look, emphasized by the mattress conformation of the seat. Refined details such as the bronzed brass tips of the basement and the roll cushions with decorative tassels enhance the whole effect showing the extraordinary craftmanship that features the entire collection. Available with different upholsteries, the sofa can be realized with specifically designed fabrics, such as  “Mountain”, a pattern that recalls the designs of typical gypsy shawls and “Carnival”, with a more vivid and articulated motif.

FRIDA chair

The rich Deosai cashmere of the seat is enhanced by the burgundy velvet piping that also features the back. The suggestions of Asian nature are evoked by the bronzed-finish legs with bamboo shape and by the precious monkey applied to the back, an exotic decorative element that characterizes the Maison’s collections.

KOLKATA cabinet

This evocative cabinet recalls the shape of an ancient chest, like those which were sorted in Kolkata, one of the primary commercial centres in India. Embellished by a bronzed brass base, the cabinet is covered with antiqued printed fabric with the Maison’s iconic motif and enhanced by decorative handles and details representing the Etro logo.

DALÌ dining table

An elegant and evocative dining table featuring a precious top where the Eramosa marble cut in two different ways gives life to a beautiful combination of patterns. The warm shades of the marble create a pleasant dynamic effect in contrast with the base of the table: a twist of bronzed finish bamboo canes, natural and precious elements that lend a luminous and suggestive touch to the environment.

AGRA sofa

Classic charm meets oriental and spiritual suggestions in a refined and elegant sofa. The references to the Asiatic, mystical culture are declined in the use of gold and light tone sur tone nuances, revealing the introspective character of the brand. Raised from the ground by thin feet, the sofa is upholstered in a precious and light fabric with a typical Etro pattern and is enriched by refined details such as the decorative studs creating a paisley motif on the armrests.