An unequivocal style by which art, elegance and classicism coexist

Born through the creativity and ample experience of its founders, Jumbo Collection was established in 1985.

Since then, Jumbo Collection’s mission remained steadfast: to create timeless classic furniture, artisanal masterpieces that manifest an appreciation for beauty, an evident passion for craft, incomparable attention to detail and a constant inclination towards innovation.

The design of the future will easily cross history, cultures, epochs without ideological or aesthetic preclusions.                 —Livio Ballabio
By taking advantage of the excellent artistic prowess of Italy’s manufacturing industry from the very beginning, the company has established itself as an esteemed treasury for Made in Italy quality furnishings: only high-quality Italian Artisianal materials, which are characterised by their authenticity, are chosen to concretize Jumbo Collection. Immense attention to detail and quality have long been ingrained as core characteristics within Jumbo’s DNA, guiding the company’s development from its humble origins to its current status as international leader within its sector.

From prestigious revisiting of vintage classics, to the creation of new furniture with more linear and clean shapes, the evolution of Jumbo Collection can be summarised as a constant tension between a passion for traditional art and a desire to experiment with innovation. Nonetheless, constantly maintaining its goal of reinterpreting classic furniture, without neglecting its essence.

Distinguishing itself from other entities within the industry, Jumbo Collection chooses to focus on creating refined living spaces for its clients around the globe, rather than being a simple creator of individual pieces of furnishing. Jumbo Collection expresses the unique charm and seduction of an unequivocal style, by which art, elegance and classicism can coexist and influence each other acting as symbols for a New Era of style balanced on the confines of classic and contemporary.

Notable Products:

Pleasure Bed
Sophie Chest of Drawers
Etoile Chair


Olivia Sofa