Born from a man's passion for glass

Vittorio Livi has always had one passion: glass.

Fullet, the very first company founded by him, produced coloured glass for the furniture industry and was followed by a succession of companies: Artiglass, Curvovetro, Cromoglass and Vellutart. The merger between these companies in 1973 resulted in FIAM, the first company to produce furnishing items in curved glass.

At FIAM we focus on positive emotions and the idea to not surrender to mediocrity, we point to the good.              — Vittorio Livi
Thanks to its technology and partnerships with top international designers, FIAM has become a leader in this industry and some of its products are on display in twenty-five museums worldwide.

FIAM Italia’s world-wide unique status in the processing of curved glass is universally acknowledged. Its creations have become historic masterpieces, original in their design concept, inimitable in their exquisite styling and impeccable craftsmanship.

After overseeing the restoration of Montegridolfo, a walled town dating back to the 7th century B.C., in 1992 Vittorio Livi purchased and renovated Villa Miralfiore, a historic building in Pesaro constructed in 1260. A part of the villa is dedicated to “Spazio Miralfiore”, a museum for works of art in glass produced by Livi and numerous Italian and international artists.

Numerous are the great names of world designer that over the years have collaborated and still collaborate with FIAM to create curved glass furnishings. These signatures, among the most prestigious and eclectic of the Italian and international design landscape, have chosen FIAM to leave an indelible mark in the history of furnishings with a unique and unrepeatable design carved in glass.

The idea of producing miniatures of FIAM Italia’s most famous products dates from 2000. The aim was to offer a collection of works on a small scale that would illustrate the unique features of curved plate glass as well as proving that, even in a new form and size, these works still have a striking expressive charge, capable of adding beauty, poetry and a touch of extra life to our homes.