Passion, research and quality combined

A story of passion, research and quality that began in 1936.

Transforming ideas into designs and making items that can successfully interpret the requirements of the contemporary world, generating excitement at first sight. Bonaldo focuses on continuously developing modernity, and forging a path that attributes value to the experimentation of new materials and to partnerships with the best national and international designers.

We want perfection. Focusing on quality means identifying and eliminating even the smallest fault.
Bonaldo boasts over eighty years of success, having created and developed countless items that have become individual memories in their rich and ample history.

Bonaldo is a globally successful Italian company founded in 1936, with a mission to encapsulate “passion, research and quality” in all their products. Known for its elegant furniture and designer accessories, all of Bonaldo’s products, from tables, chairs and sofas, to accessories, sofas and beds are produced exclusively in Italy; made using only top modern technologies and finest quality materials, which are all carefully selected and accompanied by certificates of authenticity. Bonaldo’s broad range of products are characterised by an eclectic, dynamic and unique style that originates from the company’s great passion for design.

Bonaldo Headquarters

Though the company started in Veneto, Italy, the official headquarters were established in Padua in 1936, and were originally specialised in artisanal metalworking. Eventually, the company extended to bedsteads and iron beds, notably inventing the foldable bedstead that has now become a market standard.

In 1971, Bonaldo attended the Salone Internazionale del Mobile of Milan for the first time, and soon after became involved in the manufacturing industry. The following decade saw a great proliferation in Bonaldo’s production of sofa beds and convertible sofas, which were successfully introduced into production, and later followed by their first collection of beds.

Eventually, their range of furnishings expanded to include armchairs, chairs, tables and a vast array of accessories. As the volume of exports became larger year after year, Bonaldo became an internationally established brand within the industry.

Octa Table

The creative contribution of talented designers like Karim Rashid, Ron Arad, Bartoli Design, Massimo Iosa Ghini and Mauro Lipparini led Bonaldo to recieve important awards such as the Red Dot Design Award, the iF Design Award, and the Good Design Award. Among Bonaldo’s award-winning pieces are the Still and Octa tables by Bartoli Design, the Pebble table by Matthias Demacker, the H2O table by Massimo Iosa Ghini, the Poly chair and the Flap table by Karim Rashid.

Since its founding, Bonaldo has managed to create its own unique style, based on certain highly distinctive elements such as colour, harmony of forms and lines, functionality and comfort. At present, the Big Table designed in 2009 by Alain Gilles, is the by far most notable product created by Bonaldo, and has become iconic worldwide; to date, over 700 variants of the table have been produced — in different sizes, colours and materials. Bonaldo’s heterogeneous popularity can also be identified through the countless pieces displayed both in showrooms and furnished locations around the globe.

Still Table

Located in Veneto, Bonaldo’s production plant takes pride in its manufacturing process, as it works only with local suppliers and artisans, maintaining a strong tie with the territory and the company’s Italian roots. With products ranging from extremely chic and modern to highly refined and elegant, Bonaldo offers solutions for a vast array of furnishing needs, yet is still characterised by its personality, quality and attention to detail. At present, Alberto Bonaldo, a third-generation entrepreneur, is enthusiastically engaged in the direction of the company, maintaining and elevating its characteristically comprehensive approach to design.

Award Winning Products:

  • Più folding chair by Chiaramonte and Marin (1996), awarded the Young & Design Award
  • Pierrot sofa by Glenn Thomas (2004), awarded the Good Design Award by the Chicago Athenaeum
  • Poly chair by Karim Rashid (2008), awarded the Best Design 2007, the Good Design Award 2008 and the Red Dot Award 2008
  • Bonaldo showroom inauguration (2011), based on a design by Mauro Lipparini, awarded tenth Good Design Award
  • Still table by Bartoli Design (2012), awarded the 2012 Good Design Award and the Red Dot Award
  • Welded table by Alain Gilles (2012), awarded the Red Dot: Best of the Best
  • Octa table by Bartoli Design (2014), awarded the 2013 Good Design Award
  • Tracks table by Alain Gilles (2015), awarded with 2014 Good Design Award