Ar-flex: flexible furniture

In 1947 Carlo Barassi, an engineer for Pirelli; Renato Teani, a financial officer also working for Pirelli; Pio Reggiani and Aldo Bai founded a company called Ar-flex.

Based in a modest office in Milan’s Corso di Porta Vittoria, Ar-flex’s first manufacturing and sales teams were formed, and the company collaborated closely with young architect Marzo Zanuso to experiment the use of foam rubber and elastic tape to create innovative and flexible furniture.

Arflex is constantly focused on cultural experimentation, that allows to impose new, technological products
However, the Arflex company only made its official public debut in 1951, at the IX Triennale in Milan, after two arduous years of extensive research and fruitful experimentation. Arflex is driven by its focus on cultural experimentation, a principle which has enabled it to invent, create and discover countless new and technological products ahead of their time.

In fact, on their debut, Arflex was awarded a gold medal for their Lady armchair in recognition of their manufacturing philosophy, in addition to their high-tech and aesthetic approach.

With its now global reach, Arflex’s production headquarters are located the new industrial area in Giussano and extend over 35,000 square meters, marking a significant upgrade from its humble origins. Realised by Arch, Felice Capellini and Carlo Colombo, the project was divided in two parts: a large department which houses the production area, storage warehouses, prototypes and photo-shoot rooms; and a second smaller department which houses showroom spaces and administrative offices.


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