A history of traditions, travels and hard-won conquests

A story made of people, whose passion and commitment towards their culture led them to become a competitive international reality.

Amini is an exciting business in the carpet making industry that was born from the vision of the Amini Brothers Company, the long-standing company set up in 1962 by Sultan Amini, and renowned international market leader.

The playful graphic decoration of Utopia explores the art of making visible the invisible.
At the heart of the project is the desire to offer a highly elaborate selection of carpets, in tune with a contemporary dimension of interior design.

Amini is based in Italy, but an international vision and manufacturing facilities established in geographical areas where carpet-making is traditionally a typical expression of local culture.

Amini is a unique company driven by a deep-rooted passion, and whose philosophy is inspired by the pursuit of quality at all levels.

Thieir collection boasts a strong stylistic identity, even though it is declined in a complex and heterogeneous aesthetic assortment: from the most essential proposals, based on the expressive qualities of the materials used, to the more decorative proposals that reinterpret traditional designs in a contemporary feel, to the reissues of Gio Ponti’s artistic genius, over which Amini holds exclusive rights.


Notable Products: