Contemporary furniture for a variety of spaces

Founded in 1984 in Florence, Alivar was inspired by the idea of giving new life to the masterpieces that have written the history of modern furnishing and design.

Alivar is a dynamic company, ever aware of evolving technology and advances in architecture and design. This focal awareness has given life to the Brilliant Furniture and Home Project collections, allowing Alivar to broaden its production with the addition of furnishings of minimalistic design that express themselves in the language of materials and colours.

Alivar produces contemporary furniture for a variety of spaces, presenting each piece with its own distinctive style. Combining materials with ease, Alivar gives every object its own character — from the quilted effect leather of the chairs, to the truly eye-catching chrome-plated steel of the frames. Working with a variety of materials, and endeavouring to showcase the intrinsic qualities of each, Alivar strives for high standards for even the minutest of details. Additionally, producing pure forms, free from excessive decorative elements, practicality is prioritised above all else.

An Alivar ambience has a refined style, it’s a work in progress, anchored not to single pieces but to an overarching solution. Alivar offers furnishing solutions for all the areas in your home: such as a functional day area made up of tables, chairs, cupboards and bookshelves with sober, rigorous lines; a welcoming living room complete with sofas, chaises longues, ottomans and wall TV units; and a sophisticated night area with beds and accessories — all pieces are contemporary, but are more than just fashion; they are a special way of interpreting interiors.

Alivar has gained a reputation over the years for presenting an integral vision, with the result that customers, resellers and designers have become drawn to the company for their overarching approach to Italian Contemporary Living.

Certifications & Quality Management System:

ALIVAR obtained the “100% Made in Italy” certificate and is registered at no. 456 of the national register of Italian producers. This certificate means that its production is entirely Italian, including the semi-manufactured products. Furthermore, it also guarantees that for the production only high-quality prime Italian raw materials and components are used and that the employed production methods are typically traditional Italian ones.

ALIVAR has established a Quality Management System based on the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard and is constantly seeking quality improvement. The company’s own “modus operandi” is meant to assure highest quality and applies a complex process from defining the customer’s demands to evaluating the customer’s satisfaction. A FITOK certification guarantees the quality and genuineness of shipments to foreign countries and ensures that all wood packing is made from uncontaminated materials.