Bonaldo news - Salone 2018

A journey through new domestic dimensions, with suggestions and inspirations featuring an increasingly cosmopolitan spirit. On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2018, Bonaldo presented its latest new products, all of which come from impeccable stylistic research, where colours, shapes and a mixture of materials are their distinguishing features.

The display area, designed by architect Mauro Lipparini, brought to life the multiple souls of the brand, which merged in a single, coherent scenic language capable of emphasising and enhancing the value of “Bonaldo's total living” concept: tables, chairs, accessories, sofas and beds, which expressed the brand's continuous path in terms of research and development, constantly in motion, involving new partnerships and unprecedented experimentations.

New and Notable Pieces Include:

ART table designed by Gino Carollo

The Art table is the expression of a clear and rational design intuition, like the geometric shape which inspired designer Gino Carollo. A metal trapezium develops diagonally under the table top, allowing minimum obstruction and optimising the space. To ensure stability, the trapezium is supplemented with two legs which can be customised with inserts in the same finish as the table top.

ART table designed by Gino Carollo for Bonaldo

TANGLE table designed by Dondoli e Pocci

Nature is the central theme in the design of the Tangle table. Indeed, a natural image was the starting point for the design of the base: a tangle of trunks and branches which, carried by the current, run aground along the bank of a river. The aim is to give the impression of a whole that was haphazardly created by the force of nature. Upon closer inspection, the care and study with which the tubular metal components were put together to form the base of the table emerges. The complexity of the base is then contrasted by the simplicity of the table top, which is rectangular, with bevelled corners, and available in wood, glass, ceramic or marble.

TANGLE_table Dondoli_e_Pocci_Bonaldo
TANGLE table designed by Dondoli e Pocci for Bonaldo

STONE chair designed by Fabrice Berrux

"I have always been inspired by those impromptu seats you find in nature, when you go for a long walk", explains designer Fabrice Berrux. "Sometimes it's a tree trunk, others simply a smooth rock. This is exactly the spirit I embraced when I came up with the design of the Stone chair". 

The influence of nature is quite clear in the silhouette of Stone: a single body that makes up the backrest, seat and armrests, and is solid and welcoming as only the natural elements can be. Available with leather or eco-leather upholstery, Stone comes with three bases, so different from one another that they can transform the overall look of the chair: the metal base, made with metal rods, gives Stone a contemporary and energetic look; on the other hand, the four legs of the fixed or swivel versions are made of ash-wood, for a visually warm and welcoming chair.

STONE chair designed by Fabrice Berrux for Bonaldo

PIL chair designed by Alessandro Busana

In Pil, the new chair designed by Alessandro Busana for Bonaldo, softness is evident even before you seat on it. Pil draws its inspiration from the object that symbolises softness, namely the cushion: usually interpreted as an accessory, here the cushion plays the starring role, shaped and adapted to create a chair that conveys comfort and relaxation.

"When I think of a cushion, I immediately think of a warm and welcoming domestic scene. It is something soft to lie back and relax on, which brings to mind positive feelings and memories. This is exactly why I wanted to create an object capable of combining the perception of comfort which one feels when seated on a sofa, with the versatility of a chair, considering ideally the cushion as the common feature between the two." (Alessandro Busana).

The main components of Pil are the backrest cushion and the seat cushion. The latter features a fold in the middle, created to generate an enveloping effect that physically and visually emphasises the feeling of softness. The base consists of metal legs, with the crossbars set at a special angle, to create an original graphic interweaving effect.

PIL chair designed by Alessandro Busana for Bonaldo

BENEDETTA chair designed by Dondoli e Pocci 

Rounded silhouettes and an enveloping shape characterise the Benedetta padded chair. The thick border around the backrest is inspired by the chic seats of vintage saloon cars, and it can be produced in the same colour or in a different colour from that of the backrest. Benedetta adds a touch of classic elegance to residential living rooms, and it is also ideal for contract settings. It is made with a steel frame, polyurethane foam padding and the upholstery covers are fully removable.

BENEDETTA chair designed by Dondoli e Pocci

MISS WHY NOT chair designed by Sergio Bicego 

Miss Why Not brings to mind a budding flower, with the armrests and backrest opening up at a slight angle. Its soft look makes the surrounding space warm and welcoming, whether in a domestic living room or in a hotel or restaurant. Miss Why Not is available in the version with smooth or quilted upholstery and without armrests (Why Not).

MISS WHY NOT chair designed by Sergio Bicego for Bonaldo

CABINET DE CURIOSITÉ bookcase by Fabrice Berrux

"This bookcase is a tribute to my Parisian grandfather", explains the designer, Fabrice Berrux, "There was one room in his apartment which fascinated me more than any other. It was the room he occupied every evening until late at night: his office, or better, his room of wonders, his 'cabinet de curiosité'. A place for thinking, for creating, for recalling memories, packed with books, paintings, masks, sculptures, and a thousand other 'essential' objects." (Fabrice Berrux) Fifteen years later, these memories have become a bookcase devised like a modular architectural feature. Cabinet de Curiosité consists of six different modules, which can be mixed and matched freely to achieve the desired configuration. Every module consists of a façade and a variable number of windows and niches intended to house, organise and highlight books, ornaments and all sorts of objects.

CABINET DE CURIOSITÉ bookcase by Fabrice Berrux for Bonaldo

FRAGMENT coffee tables designed by Alain Gilles 

As you enter a craftsman's workshop, you find tools and machinery, fragments and processing excess scattered all over the floor and resting up against the walls. This is exactly the image which inspired Alain Gilles, fascinated by the possibility of creating, starting from materials whose very irregularity makes them unique. 

The collection of Fragment coffee tables is specifically characterized by the combination of irregular elements, as if they had been found accidentally in a workshop: metal frames, slightly different one from another, are combined with table tops of various shapes (square, rectangular, octagonal) and various materials (wood, two versions of "terrazzo", marble). One particular new feature is constituted by Venetian terrazzo, which Bonaldo has introduced into its collections to pay tribute to the typical flooring used in the Venetian region and, in general, in the Northeast Italy, which consists of chips of marble and stones of different sizes, poured with a limestone (or cement) binder mixed with other chips.  The wide range of shapes, materials and sizes enhances the possibilities of combining the coffee tables which, together, create highly original settings.

FRAGMENT coffee tables designed by Alain Gilles for Bonaldo

DAY coat stand designed by Gino Carollo 

Gino Carollo plays with the repetitiveness of metal wires to turn an everyday item into a sculptural element to put on display. The Day coat stand, which is made up of interwoven metal rods, catches the eye of the observer in an infinite path in pursuit of a point of departure and one of arrival.

DAY coat stand designed by Gino Carollo for Bonaldo

MOVIE pouf designed by Gino Carollo 

A young and informal accessory, which adds a splash of colour and brightness to any living room. Movie is a soft pouf upholstered with fabric, standing on a metal rod frame which gives the overall image a lighter look. Available in two sizes and in multiple colours, Movie gives its best when used in group.

MOVIE pouf designed by Gino Carollo by Bonaldo

OUTLINE sideboard designed by Mario Mazzer 

The distinguishing feature of the Outline sideboard is wood, more specifically the warm canaletto walnut finish used for the entire frame. The top, which is slightly inset to emphasise the warmth and the quality of the wood, can be made of two different materials: in canaletto walnut, like the frame, or in ceramic to create an elegant contrast with the wooden frame. The base is available in two versions: with low wooden feet, for those who prefer minimal silhouettes, or with diamond-shaped metal feet, for those in search of objects with a strong personality. Outline is available with 3 or 4 doors.

OUTLINE sideboard designed by Mario Mazzer for Bonaldo

PANORAMA modular sofa designed by Fabrice Berrux

The Panorama collection of padded products is based on a specific item which can be considered to be the real unit of measurement of the system: the hexagonal pouf which, when fitted with armrests and a backrest, becomes an armchair which, in turn, can be combined with additional armchairs and sofas to achieve the most diverse configurations. Customisation and creativity reach their utmost expression here, and the results that can be achieved are absolutely unprecedented. "Panorama is designed to create a domestic landscape that is shaped on individual requirements," explains the designer, Fabrice Berrux. "It’s geometric shape is an incentive to the juxtaposition of different elements in order to turn the living room into the warmest and most welcoming space. I hope that Panorama will create connections: it was designed specifically to create collective spaces, islands of comfort, protective cocoons to lie back on freely."

PANORAMA modular sofa designed by Fabrice Berrux for Bonaldo

MADAME C. modular sofa designed by Giuseppe Viganò

Madame C. is a young, truly unconventional yet still stylish sofa. As Coco Chanel - to whom the collection is dedicated - would say: "Fashion fades, only style remains the same". The main aesthetic feature is the armrest, which consists of a cushion folded onto itself in a special L shape facing outwards. The backrest cushions resting on the seat are slightly tilted to ensure maximum comfort. The metal sled-shaped base completes the sofa's contemporary look. The Madame C. collection consists of sofas, corner sofas, chaise longues and poufs, with which multiple combinations can be created.

MADAME C. modular sofa designed by Giuseppe Viganò for Bonaldo

TIRELLA armchair designed by Paolo Grasselli 

Mixing the ingredients together in an unprecedented manner, to achieve a new recipe, a new flavour, a new shape. A different concept of the cushion, the way to combine the various elements, the inspiration drawn from the shape of fabric swatches laid on the top of a cutting table and from the clothes hanging out to dry on the line on a sunny day: these are the ingredients for the new recipe prepared by designer Paolo Grasselli for the Tirella armchair. 

At the level of the armrests, the metal frame is "enveloped" by removable and interchangeable cushions that can also be moved as desired to create different combinations, becoming structural and concurrently decorative components of the armchair. The upholstery on the seat and backrest/armrest cushions is in fabric or leather, with customisable colours.

LOVY armchair designed by Sergio Bicego

The Lovy sofa has now been supplemented by a collection of armchairs, which features the same soft curves that invite you to chat and relax. The armchair is available in two versions - with low backrest, “Lovy armchair low”, and with high backrest, “Lovy armchair bergère”. The bergère version recalls the silhouette of the typical 18th century upholstered wing armchair, with its rather low shape, slightly spread apart armrests, comfortably padded to enhance its function as a reading or relaxing armchair. Both in the low and in the bergère versions, Lovy Armchair is perfect to be used alone or combined with the sofa, in residential and contract settings.

YOUNIVERSE bed designed by Mauro Lipparini

Youniverse is a soft bed in all its aspects: soft to touch, thanks to the generous padding that covers it completely, and soft to behold, thanks to the total absence of corners or any element which could generate a feeling of edginess. It is ideal to achieve maximum cocooning effect for the bedroom.  

The design of Youniverse stands out for the vertical stitching on both the base and the headboard, testifying to the focus on upholstery work which is typical of many beds by Bonaldo. Youniverse is available with or without storage container.

KENOBI bed designed by Mauro Lipparini 

The distinguishing feature of Kenobi is the imposing headboard, which has the outer flaps that gently bend backwards to leave room for the bedside table. The headboard, upholstered with fabric, is characterized by sartorial stitching, giving the generous surface a rhythmic vertical chiaroscuro effect. Kenobi is available with or without storage container.