Alivar news - Salone 2018

At the Salone del Mobile 2018, Alivar’s Home Project collection, designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, boasted a design that has been borrowed from Colonial styling - where the charming harmony between European classicism and Oriental exoticism predominates shapes and colours. The new solutions are the result of sophisticated workmanship and authentic painstaking care for details, which have always been two distinguishing features underpinning the design philosophy of Alivar. 

The Home Project collection interprets contemporary living through an outstanding sensitivity towards materials, such as the timeless beauty of stone and marble, the natural leathers which afford an inimitable tactile sensation, the vitality of wood and its dynamic grain patterns, the precious value of metals and the breathability of genuine leather. 

The aesthetic identity of Alivar translates into a design that is free of excess decorative features, balanced between a present in keeping with current trends and a past packed with tradition and inspiration. 

Padded products covered with soft, figure-hugging upholstery, seats and armchairs with harmonious silhouettes, desks that double up as make-up consoles, sculpture-tables that embellish dining rooms, sideboards featuring perfect inlays and decorative mirrors constitute the new products from a brand that boasts an exciting success story spanning more than 30 years.

New and Notable Pieces Include: 

Scribe designed by Giuseppe Bavuso

A mixture between a desk to make notes or write a travel journal and an elegant make-up console, Scribe consists of a storage compartment incorporated into the hide-upholstered top, and other accessories, such as a mirror and a small shelf to organise your stationery or other small items. Available with a frame in painted oak-wood or walnut-wood, Scribe is an item of interior décor with a strong scenic impact devised for the bedroom and for all those tiny personal moments throughout the day.

Scribe table designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Alivar

Convivio designed by Giuseppe Bavuso

Convivio is the new dining table that revives Italian cabinet-making tradition through the use of wood implemented in the frame - either walnut-wood or painted oak-wood - that warms and embraces the beauty of the materials used to make the table top. The thickness of the frame turns Convivio into an 'impressive' item of furniture that plays the starring role in the dining room while encouraging sociability. 

Convivio table designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Alivar

Radar XL designed by Giuseppe Bavuso

The round shape of the new Radar XL table is designed to make conversation between diners ‘totally democratic', ensuring their interaction remains informal. The laser-cut painted steel arches, featuring an elongated design, are the absolute distinguishing features of this piece of furniture, which stands out for its harmonious proportions and is ideal for a wide array of different interior décor styles. The table top is made of wood with an aluminium insert, and it is available with a white marble, Italian walnut-wood coloured or painted oak-wood cladding Radar XL is also available in the version with a “Lazy Susan” turntable.

Radar XL table designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Alivar

Face To Face designed by Giuseppe Bavuso

The new Face To Face mirror adds a personal touch to the home environment, playing a significant decorative role while enhancing the perception of space. The round painted stainless steel frame is fitted with LED lighting on the back of the frame for a bright, luminous effect.

Face to Face mirror designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Alivar

Ester and Margot Relax designed by Giuseppe Bavuso

Perfectly balanced between past and contemporary present, the new Ester seat is able to bring back to life sophisticated atmospheres from the past thanks to the vintage touch that distinguishes its silhouettes and colours. Several materials make up this interior décor item with timeless charm: from the warmth of oak- or walnut-wood, to the steel shell, and also the polyurethane foam padding that is elegantly enveloped by leather upholstery.

With a matching pouf, the Margot Relax armchair is the expression of sophisticated comfort, relying on the simple, clean-cut design merged with the taste and style of those who prefer striking yet simple versatile objects that blend in seamlessly with any setting. The headrest of the Margot Relax armchair is detachable and adjustable to suit individual needs. Both seats are distinguished by armrests which are partly upholstered with soft leather for an enjoyable and relaxing feel.

Ester and Margot Relax chair designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Alivar

Horizon designed by Giuseppe Bavuso

The sofa is the piece of furniture that best conveys feelings of comfort and 'warmth' and around which the most important moments of everyday life revolve. Tailored perfection and clean-cut silhouettes, allowing it to adapt easily to various surroundings, are the distinguishing features of the new Horizon sofa with a wooden and steel frame upholstered with polyurethane foam and a sterilized down layer. The armrests and backrest are slightly tilted for an even more comfortable and welcoming seated position. The slim yet sturdy legs in painted cast aluminium with a 'sharp' design support the seat.

Horizon sofa designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Alivar

Galatea designed by Giuseppe Bavuso

A useful storage unit for the living room, the contemporary sideboard is also highly suitable for use in dining rooms to store a variety of crockery and items, or in the living room as a display unit for ornaments and other trinkets. Linear geometric shapes inlay the Italian walnut-coloured surface of the new Galatea sideboard - with closed storage compartments and matt lacquered MDF interiors - that looks almost as if it were suspended thanks to the painted cast aluminium legs that support the entire light-volume frame. 

Galatea sideboard designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Alivar